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    Million Years Ago
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    Years Ago

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Spotlight On Prehistoric Sharks

What Do We Know About Helicoprion?

Helicoprion was a large prehistoric shark-like animal -- the largest marine animal on Earth during its time. While partial fossils initially led experts to believe that Helicoprion was only 10 to 13 feet in length, more recent studies have concluded that Helicoprion was closer to 30 to 40 feet long. That may not dwarf the size of the infamous megalodon, but Helicoprion was still roughly double the size of the largest great white currently on record!

Helicoprion is best known for being the world’s only animal, past or present, with a complete 360-degree spiral of teeth. Nicknamed the “Buzzsaw Killer,” Helicoprion used its unique set of teeth to slice into its prey in a fashion similar to that of a circular saw.

Because nearly all of Helicoprion fossils are teeth, not much else is known about its physical appearance. In fact, even the purpose and placement of Helicoprion’s teeth have been up for debate for more than a century.

Sharkopedia : Helicoprion |


Hunting Down An Ancient "Buzzsaw Killer"

Sharkopedia : Helicoprion |


How Helicoprion Hunted

Helicoprion utilized a unique 360 degree spiral of teeth to capture its prey. Tap or click on hotspots for more information.

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Sharkopedia : Helicoprion |

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