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Great White Sharks By the Numbers

  • Bite force estimate
    0 +
    lbs/square inch
    0 -21
  • Longest Migration

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How to Spot a Great White Shark

Most people will never get close enough to a great white to see all its identifying features. Here are some ways to tell if a shark is a great white. Tap or click on hotspots for more information.


Sharkopedia : Great White Shark |

Did You Know?

Makos Are Among the Great White's Closest Relatives

The great white belongs to one of the oldest groups of sharks: the mackerel sharks. Many of its members have existed, in close to their current form, for over 120 million years.

Mackerel sharks have big mouths that extend behind their eyes, which they roll back in their sockets to protect them when feeding.

Most are warm-blooded, which means they can raise their body temperature to adjust to the water temperature. This gives them extra speed, and the fastest swimmers in the shark world are mackerels.

Some of the most familiar sharks – the great whites, makos and threshers – fall within this group. So do some unusual deep-sea sharks, such as goblins, crocodile sharks, and megamouths.

Sharkopedia : Great White Shark |

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