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3 Important Things To Know About Shark Attacks

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The 4 Types of Shark Attacks Against Humans

1 Provoked Attacks

A shark attack is considered provoked if the human initiated the contact with the shark, for example by removing the shark from a hook or a fishing net. In recent years this has also included cases in which divers were attacked while feeding sharks underwater.

2 Hit-and-Run Attacks

A hit-and-run generally takes place near the beach, where sharks, hunting for fish, bite into what they think is dinner but turns out to be a human that’s just MOVING like a fish. As with its automotive counterpart, the shark realizes its error and leaves the victim -- often a surfer or swimmer -- and even the area after its brief contact. Legs and feet are generally the victims of this unprovoked attack, although injuries are usually minor.

3 Sneak Attacks

This type of unprovoked attack takes place in deeper waters, and generally by the larger species of shark such as the great white, tiger and bull shark. In a sneak attack, the victim -- usually a diver or swimmer -- doesn’t see the shark before the attack (hence the name), and the shark may continue to bite repeatedly, resulting in serious injury or even death.

4 Bump-and-Bite Attacks

This occurs when a shark circles and bumps the victim with its head or body before attacking, possibly as a way of first assessing the strength and size of its prey. As with the sneak attack, the shark may continue biting, causing major injury or even fatality. While there’s still much research to be done, scientists believe that the bump-and-bite -- as well as the sneak attack -- are not cases of mistaken identity, but the result of feeding behaviors or aggression.

Sharkopedia : Shark Attacks |

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